Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Stella Prize 2017

The Stella Prize winner was announced this week with the award going to Tasmanian author Heather Rose for her novel The Museum of Modern Love.

Rose sets her novel in 2010 in New York at the Museum of Modern Art. MOMA is hosting an event in which artist Marina Abramovic sits opposite attendees and holds their gaze. She calls her piece The Artist is Present and for 75 days people come to sit with this artist. The novel focuses on the lives of those who attend the exhibition.

Lauded for its originality and the way in which real events are merged with fiction, the novel focuses on the lives of characters struggling with deep questions.

Heather Rose gave a wonderful acceptance speech upon receiving the prize and the transcript is well worth reading.

Another book to add to my ever-growing pile!

Update June 2017 - Now read, read review here.